The background of Indira Gandhi family was political as from her grandfather’s time, family members were fighting for the freedom of the country. She was having great influence of her family members in ruling the nation. This was the reason because of which she was the President of Congress. Indira Gandhi married to a journalist and prominent politician of those times, Firoz Gandhi. She was a devoted wife and caring mother of two sons, Rajiv Gandhi, the elder one and Sanjay Gandhi, the younger one. Rajiv Gandhi was the successor of Indira Gandhi when she was assassinated by her security guards. He was elected as the sixth prime minister of the nation. He married to Sonia Gandhi and ahe also have two children, Rahul Gandhi, active personality of Congress party now days and Priyanka Vadhera, a politician and a socialist. Indira Gandhi’s younger son Sanjay Gandhi was the wise politician and was the prime minister after the death of Rajiv Gandhi. He was having a son, Varun Gandhi from his wife Menka Gandhi.